For the curious minds coming to find out who spent his precious time writing all those blogs, here is a brief-

I have worked with Trident Group in the recent past as Chief Digital Officer. I am also co-founder of two tech startups (Tilzmatic Tech and Hashtag Services Pvt. Ltd.) and mind behind the App Delhi Metro Navigator. Happy to be among the top 15 CDOs (recognised by CIO&Leaders.com) in 2016 and top 50 Digital Media Professional in 2015-16 (recognised by CMOAsia.com and World Marketing Congress) 

About the Blog’s Inspiration:

None of the achievements or awards have inspired me to start this blog. Those are for the readers to believe and follow may be, what I am going to say in the blog. My inspiration came from my desire to share the knowledge and experience.I was inspired by Guy Kawasaki’s and Avinash Kaushik’s blog posts that I enjoyed reading and from which I benefited a lot . I thought, why not pen down (metaphorically) my experiences and ideas. Surely I could reach out to people with my knowledge and experience, just
like my favourites have. Let me too share my learning with people and what better platform than this? I am not very regular, but I will keep coming back when I can, to share what’s new. Looking forward to your comments so that we can journey together.

Like Avinash Said in his blog Occam’s Razor too, “Think Book not Diary !”, I hope one day my blogs could also be converted into a book and Wiley will publish that too…